142kg of Kerala cannabis seized at Kakkativu Island


The Navy in coordination with Excise Station-Sankanai recovered approximately 142kg of Kerala cannabis, during a special search operation conducted at Kakkativu Island in Kiranchi area, Mannar.

Accordingly, Naval personnel attached to the North Central Naval Command in coordination with Excise Station-Sankanai carried out a special search operation at Kakkativu island in Kiranchi area, Mannar on Sunday (15) and spotted 08 suspicious fertilizer sacks hidden in a shrubbery area.

During further search, approximately 142kg of Kerala cannabis contained in 65 parcels was found and it was taken into naval custody. It is believed that this stock of Kerala Cannabis which might have smuggled through sea routes have been hidden here due to continuous naval patrols, the navy said.

The recovered stock of Kerala cannabis was handed over to Sankanai Excise Station for onward investigation.

Sri Lanka Navy has apprehended approximately 2 tons of Kerala Cannabis within the past days of this year.