Govt. to appeal to hoteliers in case of need


The government is to make an appeal to hotel owners for voluntary assistance to allow their hotels to be used as quarantine centres, if the necessity arises to quarantine more people in the coming days, the President’s office said yesterday.

In recommendations made during a Presidential Task Force meeting held between stakeholders, government and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the government said they hoped hotels would voluntarily assist them as there would be a need to increase the space available for quarantining if the situation worsens.

Further, the government will also use army training centres for quarantining purposes as well as improve the facilities at hospitals in urban areas. The Presidential Task Force made several more recommendations which was approved by the government such as requesting the public to refrain from travelling overseas unless for essential purposes and also issuing a certificate of quarantine for Sri Lankan nationals who want to return to their country of employment when the global health environment improves.