Quarantine mandatory for those who arrive in Sri Lanka – Health Min.


It is mandatory for those who arrive in the country from coronavirus-hit countries, such as Italy, South Korea and Iran, to undergo the 14-day quarantine process, says Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

Speaking to media, the health minister also appealed to the general public to support the quarantine process.

Even the developed countries with state-of-the-art health facilities, such as the United States and China, in the world have struggled to control the spread of the virus as it infiltrated their lands, and they have suffered a number of fatalities, says the health minister.

It is difficult to curb the virus once it enters the island, Minister Wanniarachchi emphasized, noting that quarantining the individuals arriving in Sri Lanka from the countries affected by the virus is essential and mandatory.

“As the health minister, I have a national responsibility to protect the citizens of the county from being infected with the virus,” Wanniarachchi added.