Government to import big onions from India


The government has taken measures to import big onions from India

A senior spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office stated that this action was taken due to the prevailing shortage of big onions in the market. adding that India has also agreed to provide stocks of big onions. Accordingly, the senior spokesman stated that a stock of big onions is expected to arrive in the country in the next two weeks.

The spokesperson went onto note that India had agreed to dispatch the consignment, despite facing a shortage themselves due to prevailing dry weather conditions across the subcontinent.

According to the Dambulla economic center, the current retail price of 1kg of big onions stands at between Rs 135 to 140. A spokesperson stated that there is a decline in the daily supply of big onions.

According to the department of agriculture, the annual demand for big onions in the country is nearly 250,000 metric tonnes of which the country produces only 25,000 metric tonnes.