Cabinet approves construction of island-wide highway network


The Cabinet of Ministers granted their approval for the construction of a network of expressways covering the whole island.

Accordingly, the following plans have been drawn for the proposed expressway network:

  • Implementation of construction activities of Kadawatha – Meerigama, Meerigama – Kurunegala, Pothuhera – Galagedara, and Kurunegala – Dambulla under the Central Expressway Construction Project as Phase 04 with immediate effect.
  • Implementation of construction activities of Ruwanpura expressway project Kahathuduwa – Ingiriya, Ingiriya – Rathnapura, and Rathnapura – Pelmadulla in 03 stages.
  • Implementation of construction activities of Eastern expressway project from Mattala Airport to Pothuwil across Wellawaya and Siyambalanduwa

The relevant proposal had been submitted by the Minister of Roads and Highways.

The proposal had been submitted in search of funding required for the central expressway project, for obtaining a proposal for Phase I of Ruwanpura expressway, for calling statements of consent on competitive basis for construction of phase II of the same project, conducting feasibility studies for eastern expressway project as well as finding allocations for the construction work too via the Department of External Resources.