Two ‘white van drivers’ claim they received death threats


The two individuals who participated in the controversial ‘white van’ press conference claim that they have received death threats from certain underworld figures allegedly connected to MP Rajitha Senaratne in order to hide the real facts.

The two individuals lodged a complaint on this at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) today (27).

Speaking to the media, Athula Sanjeewa Madanayake, who claimed to be a ‘white van driver’ stated that MP Rajitha Senaratne continuously makes death threats asking them not to correct the controversial media briefing.

He said: “When we left court premises after being released on bail, we said that we would reveal the real incident behind this by holding another press conference.

However, the underworld figure named ‘Kotahena Shantha’ phoned last night and told not to correct the press conference. He told [us] not to come to the court after correcting the media brief and if [we] do, white flags will be hung at [our] homes”

They stated they have all information regarding the threat recorded in a phone and they lodged a complaint at the CID and handed over the evidence.