Sri Lanka has not shipped waste to Malaysia – CEA


Sri Lanka completely rebuffs the claims that it exports plastic waste to Malaysia, says the Central Environmental Authority (CEA).

Malaysia’s Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin on Monday said that 150 containers of plastic waste from 13 countries, namely Sri Lanka, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, Portugal, Bangladesh and Lithuania, have been rerouted.

Malaysia has started sending back the shipments of unwanted rubbish since the third quarter last year.

The Minister also stated that the Malaysian government has not paid pay a single cent, with the costs of sending back the waste fully borne by the shipping liners and companies responsible for importing and exporting the waste.

Shipments of unwanted rubbish have been rerouted to Southeast Asia since China banned the import of plastic waste in 2018, but Malaysia and other developing countries are fighting back.

Speaking to media, the CEA said Sri Lanka has not shipped any waste materials to Malaysia.