Switzerland confirmed their confidence in Sri Lanka – Dinesh


Minister of Foreign Affairs Dinesh Gunawardena says that Switzerland is very pleased with the manner in which the Government of Sri Lanka has dealt with the incident of the Swiss embassy staffer allegedly involved in an abduction case.

Speaking at a press conference in Colombo yesterday (01), the Minister said that the two countries will continue to strengthen their bilateral ties even further.

Gunawardena pointed out the statement issued by the Swiss embassy and their special agent three days ago clearly indicates the legitimacy of the process adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka.

According to the Minister, the aforementioned statement states that Switzerland does not have any qualms about acting according to the law of the country and that the Schengen nation is looking forward to continuing the bilateral friendship and cooperation between Sri Lanka and Switzerland.

Pointing out that the incident was initially an attempt to show something detrimental to the country, the Gunawardena stated that they must think of the country in the future.

The foreign minister stated that the statement issued by Switzerland had confirmed their confidence in Sri Lanka.