Ravi on biggest lesson UNP can learn from Rajapaksas


Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake says a strong United National Party (UNP) that can score a people’s victory in 2020 will be formed soon.

Speaking to media joining an event organized to clean schools in Colombo North and Bloemendhal area for the new school term, the former Minister pointed out that there are various rumors of crises within the UNP.

However, if such crises or issues exist, they shouldn’t be something that is discussed anywhere and everywhere, he added.

Stating that issues cannot be resolved alone, Karunanayake says that this issue should be resolved internally and by discussing it with all members of the party.

Karunanayake said, “This is the biggest lesson we could learn from the Rajapaksas. They planned towards their victory since the day they lost. We should make an example of it.”

He says that the main reason behind the UNP’s defeat is the selfish acts of several people within the party.

He further said that they will work to take the party towards victory by correcting this situation.