Next challenge is to win general election – Sajith


United National Party (UNP) MP Sajith Premadasa says they are ready to contest the general elections under a broad alliance.

Addressing a public meeting in Negombo, Premadasa said that the next challenge is to win the general elections.

Although this is not an easy task, the parliamentarian stated that he wishes to move forward by taking lessons from the setbacks they experienced.

Premadasa said that his aim is to contest at the general election in a stronger and more efficient manner than the presidential election.

He says if he held 154 meetings for the presidential election it will be doubled or tripled for the general election.

He added that he is willing to do his utmost to go round the country and win all the MP seats.

After a setback, a triumphant journey must be commenced with a new vigor noted the MP.

A broad alliance will be established with everyone for this, he further said.