Rice price hike due to oligopoly: UNP MP Dr. Harsha


UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva yesterday said the rice price mafia is back in action once again with an artificial shortage has been created to keep the prices high allegedly by the oligopoly which controls the rice market.


Responding to the government’s decision to reduce rice prices yesterday, Dr. de Silva said a kilo of Nadu rice could be sold less than Rs 98 and a kilo of Samba less than Rs 99. He said the oligopoly is buying a kilo of Rice at a price which nearly Rs 40.

He charged that the present government had killed the competition created by the previous regime where the small rice millers benefited. The brand ‘Shakthi’ which was created by the programme carried out by the previous regime helped the small mill owners to obtain a fair price for rice,” he said.

“ I will not be surprised if the government decides to import rice in the future,” he added.