Witness hearing of Avant-Garde bribery case to resume in Feb.


The Colombo High Court has ordered to resume witness hearings of the case against Chairman of Avant-Garde Nissanka Yapa Senadhipathi and former Chairman of Rakna Lanka Major General Palitha Fernando on February 14th, 2020.

The case against the duo was taken up before Colombo High Court Judge Shashi Mahendran this morning (14).

The prison officers had presented the former Rakna Lanka chairman & the Avant-Garde chairman before the court.

The High Court judge also ordered to issue summons to the witnesses of the case requesting them to appear before the court on February 14.

The defence attorney had requested the judge for a copy of the written permission issued by the Bribery Commission to file this case. Accordingly, the case will be taken up on December 18th to consider the submission of the relevant document.

The prison officers were ordered to hand over the medical reports of Nissanka Senadhipathi who is currently in remand custody.

The Bribery Commission had lodged the case against former Rakna Lanka chairman and Avant-Garde chairman for allegedly soliciting and accepting a bribe of Rs 35.5 million to maintain a floating armory at the Galle Fort during the administration of the former government.