Colombo air quality unhealthy today


Sensitive people had been advised to be mindful of the unhealthy air quality engulfed in the Colombo area today, National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) Air Quality Unit Senior Scientist H.D.S. Premasiri said.

“The same condition was experienced yesterday as well and according to data on Colombo might experience a condition of another unhealthy air quality situation on November 16 as well,” Mr Premasiri said.

He said this unhealthy condition was due to the weather patterns and added the prevailing condition would eventually decline but might be experienced afterwards as well.

“Vehicle emissions and other gaseous emissions released by others, do not move up and away but remain at ground level due to the prevailing low pressure resulting in air stagnation conditions,” he said.

He said the Colombo city had been the worst affected area due to a hike in Air Quality Index (AQI).

This was first recorded by the US Embassy’s air quality monitor in Colombo, which said there could be rise in AQI on November 5 and 6.

The US Embassy’s Air Quality Monitor in Colombo indicated unhealthy values of air quality with 167 Air Quality Index (AQI) recorded by 10 pm November 5.