Will implement national program to address women’s sanitary problems – Sajith


National Democratic Front’s presidential candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa says there is a tabooed subject in the country which concerns women’s health.

Speaking at a public meeting held yesterday (29), Premadasa said women have been facing severe health issues due to the lack of proper hygienic practices during the menstrual cycle.

Accordingly, women have become more vulnerable to severe health problems such as cervical cancer, urine infections, kidney failures and reproductive tract infections, the Minister pointed out.

Under his administration, Sajith Premadasa promised to address the issue of lack of proper sanitary facilities for women and to implement a national programme in this regard.

The NDF’s presidential candidate said women who cannot afford proper sanitary practices will be provided with free-of-charge sanitary facilities.

A medical unit will be established at schools to provide practical solutions for the sanitary issues faced by female students, he promised.