Sri Lankan women have inherited an insecure life – Anura


National People’s Power (NPP) Presidential Candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayaka says that females in Sri Lanka face many issues today.

He mentioned this addressing a public meeting in the Kattankudy area, yesterday (29).

He pointed out that only 31 percent of females are engaged in employment despite 70 percent of the country’s university population being female.

According to him, 638 abortions are carried out per day in Sri Lanka and that the Sri Lankan women have inherited an insecure life.

There is no situation in this country where women can buy their hygiene products, the presidential hopeful said.

Stating that, 90 percent of women are harassed while using public transport, Dissanayaka said, 70 percent out of such cases are sexual harassments.

New politics are needed for these issues of the women, says Anura Kumara Dissanayaka. He added that a country where everyone can live freely, as equals, should be created.

However, the rulers have not created such a country although 71 years have passed, he further said.