NPP candidate General Mahesh Senanayake unveils his election manifesto


Presidential Candidate of the National Peoples’ Party, Mahesh Senanayaka unveiled his election manifesto this evening. The event was held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo.

The event took place under the theme, ‘Changing the 71-year political culture with the right leadership’.

Former Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe was present. During the event, Mahesh Senanayaka unveiled his election manifesto and launched his official website.

Mahesh Senanayaka’s election manifesto is a collective of policies spread across multiple disciplines, including responsible governance, a cabinet limited to 20 members, strengthening of national security, enforcement of the law, education, and the development of higher education.

Mahesh Senanayake:

“The first thing to expect is one law equally enforced to everyone. There will be only one country and one law for everyone. Everyone will be treated equally.

The biggest problem in this country is that the president, the prime minister, the cabinet, and all MPs, are acting above the law. The law is only enforced upon those who follow the law.

That is why this country is so corrupted. Such corruption can only be eradicated by someone as brave and unbiased as me.

We can forget racism, religious differences, and gender inequality, and develop this country. In order to take this country forward, we must strengthen our economy.

Our election manifesto gives the highest manifesto to economic development. We will create a well-disciplined political culture in this country. Such a disciplined culture can only be created by our party.

Through our election manifesto, we can achieve all of these targets.”