Voting ends in Elpitiya PS poll; voter turnout 72%


The Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha election, which took place held from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm today (11), came to an end a short while ago.

The voter turnout for the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Election was reported 72% just an hour prior to the end of the balloting.

The overall results will be announced before 10.00 pm tonight, the Chairman of Elections Commission said.

Counting the casted ballots will be conducted under three phases. Accordingly, the first stage of counting is expected to begin shortly at the polling stations itself.

The election officers and monitoring groups stated that the election has been largely peaceful thus far.

A total of 53,384 voters were eligible to cast their votes at the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha election which is being held at 47 polling booths.

Among the 155 candidates from recognized political parties, who are running for the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha election, only 28 will be elected as PS members.