Cabinet nod for amendments to Code of Criminal Procedure


The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the amendment Bill for the Code of Criminal Code Procedure Act No 15 of 1979.

The gazette notification to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure was issued on the 14th of June this year.

The necessary amendments were made by the Sectoral Oversight Committee before it was tabled in Parliament for approval.

In a Cabinet paper, Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms Thalatha Atukorale has said that the Legal Draftsman had classified the changes as committee-level amendments.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet approval has also been granted to draft the Constitution of Hostile Speech as an amendment to the penal code and code of criminal procedure.

The proposal was presented by the Justice Minister to gazette the Bill prepared by the Legal Draftsman in line with the recommendations of the Sectorial Oversight Committee and present to the parliament consequently.

The Cabinet has further granted its approval for the proposal presented by the Justice Minister to advise the legal draftsman to draft legislation to increase penalties specified in the Bail Act No. 30 of 1997.