Trucks transporting garbage to Aruwakkalu collide


A collision has occurred involving two tipper trucks transporting garbage to the Aruwakkalu sanitary landfill site in the wee hours on Monday (9).

Tipper trucks carrying waste from Colombo to Aruwakkalu had collided in the Karikattiya area in Madurankuliya.

Police said that the tipper truck traveling in front had suddenly hit the brakes causing the tipper at the back to crash into it. The second tipper truck had been severely damaged in the accident, however none of the drivers have been seriously injured.

The accident had taken place on the Puttalam-Colombo main road early this morning while the damaged tipper truck was towed to the Mundalama Police Station with the use of another heavy vehicle.

Police reveal that this is the third accident involving tipper trucks transporting garbage from Colombo to Aruwakkalu.

Police point out that most of these trucks are driven by a single driver without an assistant and they drive for close to 7 hours nonstop covering a distance of over 150 km resulting in exhaustion and drowsiness on the wheel which cause these accidents.