GMOA addresses tax policy in a letter to President


Convening a media briefing the Secretary of the GMOA, Dr Haritha Aluthge commented on a letter addressed to the President. Speaking at the media briefing, Aluthge said that since 2006 all hospitals have operated in such a manner where the National Salaries policy was protected which ultimately the government had disregarded and moved onto a policy of simply increasing basic salaries based on cabinet decisions.

Speaking on the tax policy, he said that this needs to benefit the country but that the new tax policy compelled the professionals to move overseas while also stating that both the public and the professionals are paying taxes. He says that through this particular letter that they have mentioned on how the public and the professionals are kept in the dark over what happens to the tax money paid by them.

The Secretary added that they’ve also requested the President to stop the process of attempting to do away with the pension.