President agrees to meet PSC members


President Maithripala Sirisena has agreed to meet the members of the Special Parliamentary Select Committee probing the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

The Chairman of the panel, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ananda Kumarasiri said the meeting will take place at the Presidential Secretariat on a date informed by the President.

On the 25th of August, the President was notified in writing to appear before the Select Committee.

The letter had requested President Sirisena to inform the committee of a convenient date and a time to appear before the panel.

Meanwhile, the Select Committee members have convened last night (02) to discuss each other’s opinions on preparing its report on the testimonies obtained from the state officials who appeared before the panel hearings.

The preparation of the Select Committee report is currently underway and the members will convene again to discuss the matter at length.

The Deputy Speaker further stated that the members expect to extend the term of the committee by at least two weeks.