Twenty more criminals transferred to Boossa Prison


Twenty more inmates detained over drug rackets and organized crimes have been transferred to the Boossa Prison.

Detainees of Welikada, Dumbara and other prisons have been transferred amidst high security to Boossa in this manner.

A Senior Spokesperson at the Prisons Department stated that the intelligence units have identified the group of inmates to be drug racketeers and masterminds of various crimes operating within prisons.

It is reported that the prison cells allocated for these inmates have been tightly secured.

Nearly 20 more major criminals are set to be transferred to the Boossa Prison as per intelligence reports, stated the spokesman.

Previously, based on intelligence reports, 15 inmates including crime gang members ‘Kanjipani Imran’, ‘Wele Sudha’ and ‘Potta Naufer’ have been transferred to the Boossa Prison.