Difficult to provide security in an information age – Army Commander


Allied forces have a significant role in ensuring the security of a multicultural society, said the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva.

Implementing security through new methods that safeguard the rights of all communities has become a necessity of the era, he said.

The Army Commander expressed these views addressing the Colombo ‘Defense Seminar – 2019’.

The Sri Lanka Army’s most prominent symposium that aims to establish intellectual connectivity and closer cooperation among defense partners across the globe, the ‘Colombo Defence Seminar – 2019,’ the 9th in sequence got to a start at the BMICH this morning (29), amid ceremonials and traditions, themed on ‘Evolving Military Excellence in the Contemporary Security Landscape’.

Speaking further at the occasion, the Army Commander said that it is a challenge to provide security to a sovereign state in an information age.

Silva said, ”In this era of information, where success depends on how best information is received and processed, we strongly believe that information should be shared among like-minded Nations.”