State Minister Buddhika Pathirana’s take on UNP’s Presidential Candidate


State Minister Buddhika Pathirana expressing his views about the Presidential Candidate of the UNP following an event held in Colombo yesterday (August 27) noted that they are of the opinion to form a broader front with all the joint parties and the supportive parties of the UNP. However, he noted that before that, their fellow political parties have requested to form an alliance with the UNP.

The State Minister added that the candidate will be decided in the future after the Working Committee and the Cabinet Ministers hold discussions. He said according to the policies of the UNP, the National Executive Council and the General Assembly should approve that decision and announcing the name of the Candidate with that approval is what they hope.

When questioned if Goatabaya Rajapaksa is a big challenge for his party, he said he believes that they don’t have a clear context of the candidates of the opposing parties. Therefore, he noted that challenges should be spoken of only after nominations are given.