I don’t think Ajith and Sujeewa violated party rules – Kabir


The non-cabinet ministers Sujeewa Senasinghe and Ajith P. Perera have never acted in violation of the rules and regulations of the United National Party (UNP), says UNP Chairman Minister Kabir Hashim.

He mentioned this today (27) at a press conference held to inform the decision to take disciplinary action against Ministers Senasinghe and Perera.

He also said that it is customary for the General Secretary to periodically submit a written complaint to the representatives of party members.

Minister Hashim says that it is customary to demand written explanation if the General Secretary of the party time to time receives a complaint regarding the members of the party.

However, he does not believe that the 2 Ministers in question had violated the rules of the party or such a disciplinary breach occurred, he said.

Therefore, when an explanation is submitted as a response to the letter sent by the party, the issue would be solved, he added.

When a journalist inquired if the disciplinary action only targeted the 2 relevant Minister, Hashim responded saying that he did not know if any other would receive such letters and that more letters may be sent in the future.

Stating that many have inquired the party stating that they would like to become the Presidential candidate, Hashim said that disciplinary action should be taken against them as well.

When inquired if he, too, would receive a letter regarding a disciplinary hearing, the Minister said that this was a common thing for everyone and cannot escape it just by holding top positions in the party.

However, everyone has space to speak freely within the UNP compared to other political parties, he added.

Other parties select their candidates in the kitchens of their houses, but UNP is not such a party, according to Minister Kabir Hashim.