3rd phase of Budu Puth Suraksha program to commence


The Department of Buddhist Affairs states that the 3rd phase of the Budu Puth Suraksha program, insurance for monks, will commence on August 17th.

The Commissioner-General of Buddhist Affairs, Sunanda Kariyapperuma stated that this insurance cover will be provided for the monks in the Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura districts. He added that during the 1st phase of Budu Puth Suraksha program, 2000 monks were provided with insurance.

It should be noted that monks who receive government salaries and those who are at Pirivenas will not be covered by this policy. According to the Commissioner-General of Buddhist Affairs Sunanda Kariyapperuma, a survey has revealed that there are 40,500 Buddhist monks all over the country.