Kishu Gomes on efforts to promote SL tourism brand


A tree-planting campaign was launched along the Marine Drive in Colombo by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority this morning.

The event marked the launch of the National Sustainable Tourism Certification Scheme, together with the Global Sustainable Development Council.

The certificate will be awarded to leading hotels in the industry that have complied with global sustainability guidelines.

Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Kishu Gomes addressed the gathering at the event.

He stated that in order to sustain the tourism industry, a new value for the Sri Lankan tourism has to be developed.

He emphasized that Colombo needs a lot more green. “We planted a few trees and we are going to continue the exercise covering the entire stretch, and through that, we will be able to take a very strong message to the entire country in terms of the importance and requirement to build the tourism industry in a sustainable manner”, the Chairman continued.