Premadasas definitely win and never lose: Sajith


UNP Deputy Leader and Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister Sajith Premadasa said Premadasas will definitely win and never lose and this time the victory will not be to those who dwell in mansions.

Addressing a ceremony held after vesting the ‘Gandhi Nagar’ housing scheme constructed under the ‘Udagam Project’ in Batticaloa on Sunday with the people, Minister Premadasaa went onto say that many people asked him whether he was ready for the job coming in November – December period.

“I told them, son of Ranasinghe Premadasa is more than ready for it and also told them he would create a Sri Lanka by uniting all communities, religions and provinces. Premadasas will never lose. Premadasas will always win. But this time, those who win will not be Premadasas but you, the public. The victory will not be for those who dwell in mansions. We don’t think of living luxurious lives. Sajith Premadasa, wearing this humble dress, is ready to provide solutions to the burning problems of the people by understanding their plight,” he said.