Critical shortage of essential drugs at Apeksha Hospital?


The shortage of essential medicinal drugs at Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama and many other hospitals is critical at present, medical officers have revealed.

Speaking at a media briefing held yesterday (01), they said the drug shortage at the Apeksha Hospital has put the lives of some patients at risk.

The branch association of government medical officers pointed out that the Paclitaxel, chemotherapy medication used to treat various types of cancer, has not been freely available at the Apeksha Hospital for quite some time now.

The symptoms of the patients with curable cancer diseases can reappear if this drug is not given to them on time, they emphasized.

They further stressed that there is also a shortage of pain killers such as morphine and IV Dexamethasone.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the medicinal drug shortage also prevails at many other hospitals as well.