Tuition classes for A/L & Grade 5 Scholarship exams banned


Conducting tuition classes and seminars for candidates taking up the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination this year will be banned from midnight today (30) till the end of the exam, says the Department of Examination.

Meanwhile, the conducting seminars and tuition classes for Grade 5 students sitting for the Scholarship Examination is set to be prohibited from midnight tomorrow (31).

Accordingly, conducting and organizing tuition classes, seminars and lectures in respect of these two examinations have been strictly prohibited until its conclusion.

In addition, the ban extends to printing, distributing mock question papers and publishing posters, banners and flyers through electronic or printed media or possessing them.

The Examinations Department says any candidate violating these orders will be charged under the Public Examinations Act.

The department said that this year’s Advanced Level Examination will be held from August 05 to August 31 and that the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam will take place on August 04, 2019.

A total of 337,704 applicants are to sit for the A/L exam this year at 2,678 examination centres while this includes 198,229 new applicants.