Petitions filed against Bill banning tuition classes on Sundays and Poya


Two petitions have been presented to the Supreme Court against the Leave Amendment Bill, which the Government has tabled in Parliament with the intention of banning tuition classes on Sundays and Poya Days.

The petitioners seek a court order declaring that several clauses in the Bill violate the Constitution.

The former President of All Island Professional Lecturers’ Association and private tuition class lecturer Sudath Diyaguarachchi and a father Ruchira Mirigolla have filed the petitions.

The petition has named the Attorney General as its respondent.

The petitioners point out the children’s right to study freely is being violated through the Bill which intends to ban the holding of tuition classes on Sundays and Poya days. The Bill further violates the right of tuition lecturers to carry out their jobs freely, according to the petitioners.

The petitioners have sought a court declaring that there is a violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution through these provisions in the Bill.

The petitioners have further requested the Supreme Court find that should the Bill must be passed, it needs a two-thirds majority vote of the parliament and a referendum.