Issue of Dr. Shafi can be resolved within a week – Patali


Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka says that the issue of Dr. Mohamed Shafi can be resolved within a week.

He states that this is not an issue that should be resolved through legal arguments and years in courts, but an issue that can be solved by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) and the government.

The issue can be resolved by collecting data on other Sinhala and Tamil doctors who perform Caesarian surgeries and compare and analyze the data alongside the data collected on Dr. Shafi, Minister Ranawakapointed out.

The probabilities of mothers who found it difficult to conceive after undergoing Caesarian surgeries under Dr. Shafi and other Sinhala and Tamil doctors should be calculated and scientifically analyzed them according to their race, elaborated the Minister.

Anyone with statistics knowledge can resolve this issue within one week, he added.

This is a grave issue that should be resolved immediately, states the Minister.

A woman losing the ability to produce children is a sensitive issue that would make, not only Sinhala Buddhists but also any race in the world, feel as if their future generation is being threatened, he said.

Such a sensitive issue, which could be solved instantly, should not be dragged on for months in courts and let fear breed amongst the Sinhala Buddhist community against Muslim doctors and community, he added.