Govt foreknew 5 ways how attacks were going to be struck – S.B.


It is a well-known fact that the ‘Yahapalanaya’ government was in a crisis ever since its inception on the 8th January 2015, says Parliamentarian S.B. Dissanayake.

The MP stated this addressing an event held in Theldeniya yesterday (27).

He says the general public and the government officers had to suffer immensely because of the incumbent government.

The government even foreknew when and where the terrorist attacks on the 21st of April were going to take place and it was even aware of 5 ways how the attacks were going to be struck, MP Dissanayake claims.

He further hits out at the ‘chaotic’ government for failing to prevent the attacks despite receiving forewarnings on the main target venues of the attacks as well as the ringleader, Zahran Hashim and his whereabouts.

MP Dissanayake claims the country’s main source of income was lost in a moment due to the attacks.

Stating that the country’s economy has crumbled at present, the parliamentarian said Sri Lanka was able to take a leap forward in the economic sector in the aftermath of the 30-year war, however, it has changed today.

MP Dissanayake criticizes President Maithripala Sirisena for stating that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is a “cancer” when it was him who introduced the amendment and voluntarily shortened his term of office.

The parliamentarian, stressing that the presidential election should be held before the 23rd of November, said he expects a strong president would come into power from the upcoming election.