6782 foreign nationals without valid visas in the country


The Department of Immigration and Emigration states that appropriate steps will be taken to deport 152 foreign nationals who remained in the country without valid visas.

Spokesperson Gayan Milinda informed the News that the group is currently held at the Mirihana Detention Centre.

Among them are 63 Nigerians, 41 Pakistanis, 27 Indians, 09 Bangladeshi’s, 03 Chinese, 01 Canadian, 01 German, 02 Maldivians, 01 Korean, 01 from Papua New Guinea and a Malaysian.

The department stated that the Nigerian nationals will be deported in a special flight following cabinet approval. It was revealed, a majority of the Nigerians in Sri Lanka are involved in financial fraud and illegal acts via Social Media.

The department added that they will be attentive when Nigerians nationals apply for visas in the future.

Statistics reveal that 6782 foreign nationals in Sri Lanka are without valid visas and 1670 of them had applied for asylum in Sri Lanka.

The department went on to add that islandwide operations are in effect to apprehend foreign nationals who had overstayed their welcome in the country.