How did Hizbullah obtain Rs. 3 bn from Saudi Arabia?


The Sectoral Oversight Committee on Education and Human Resources Development in Parliament has recommended that an inquiry be held to find out how Rs. 3000 million had been channelled to Batticaloa Campus (pvt) Ltd.

The committee had recommended that the assistance of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Saudi Embassy be sought in this connection.

This recommendation was made by the oversight committee head Prof. Ashu Marasinghe in his report on the campus that was presented to Parliament last Friday (21).

The report reveals that Former Eastern Province Governor M.L.A.M Hizbullah had admitted to receiving the funds on four separate occasions for the university which came in the form of interest-free loans from four individuals residing in Saudi Arabia. However, he had not specified how he was able to transfer the funds without the knowledge of the main local banks including the Bank of Ceylon or the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

It was mentioned that contradictory statements had been made by Mr. Hizbullah and his son Ahamed Hiraz Hizbullah regarding the receipt of money, which also includes approximately Rs. 700 million that had been sent by local donors to the campus from time to time.

It was pointed out that the geographical location and climatic conditions in this area made it difficult to comprehend how such an educational institution could be run in the Batticaloa area.

The committee points out that they had referred the issues surrounding the Batticaloa Campus to the Attorney General for his views and direction and were awaiting a report from him in this regard as well.