Parliament Select Committee into 4/21 attacks could leak sensitive information-MP Kumara Welgama


Dry rations were distributed among the residents of Ethagama, Kalutara today (June 17) under the auspices of MP Kumara Welgama. Following the event, MP shared his thoughts on current issues in the country.

He noted that despite the fact that complete transparency of the inquiries done by the Parliament Select Committee into 4/21 attacks is exemplary it also poses a threat to the national security as it would reveal delicate intel to everyone. He went on to note that the current situation of the country is critical for everyone and all the political parties should persevere hard for the betterment of the country despite their political differences.

He added that they are yet to decide their presidential candidate and all the parties would reveal their respective presidential candidates within a month.

He expressed that any accusations against any individual should be proved with evidence in order to be convicted under the roof of a court and he noted that it was similar with Dr Shafi and allegations against Dr Rajitha Senartane over Zaharan’s incident. He added that the entire world is watching over these matters and Sri Lanka is entitled to take the right decisions to make an international impression.