No mosques registered under ‘Thowheed’ – Haleem


Former Minister A.H.M. Haleem states that he should be given an opportunity to testify on the accusations laid against him, at the Special Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to inquire about the Easter Sunday attacks.

He stated that former Governor Azath Salley, testifying at the Special Select Committee, has made a baseless statement against him and his brother Faleem who served as his private secretary.

Accordingly, the former Minister requests that he and his brother be given an opportunity to defend themselves before the Parliamentary Select Committee.

Haleem says that there is no mosque established under the name Thowheed and that charges against him are baseless as he acts according to Acts approved by the parliament.

He further said that Salley didn’t make these accusations not knowing the process of registering mosques and that he deliberately made these false claims.

Stating that there is a separate committee to register mosques and it acts according to the recommendations made to them, former Minister Haleem once again requested a chance to offer an explanation on the matter.