O/L, A/L certificates issue online


With the use of digital technology, the Education Ministry had decided to issue GCE O/L and A/L examination certificates through an online system, the Education Ministry said.

“Earlier applicants had to arrive at the Examinations Department from various areas from the country,” the Ministry said in a media release.

“Due to the arrival of more people to the Department, more time was consumed to issue certificates. Because of that, more issues are created,” it said.

“However, the Examinations Department request O/L and A/L applicants to visit the updated official website https://doenets.lk/ to obtain their certificates within 24 hours,” it said.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Examinations Department and the Postal Department on Tuesday (11) to deliver these examination certificates through registered post to the candidates in the countrywide within 24-hours.

Based on this new system, facilities would be provided for the applicants who were currently being abroad to obtain their certificates within a minimum of 48-hours.

The methods of obtaining certificates for exams could be chosen by following the steps, as issued by the Examinations Department:

  • Visit the Examinations Department’s website (https://doenets.lk/certificate/)
  • Enter the National Identity Card (NIC) number, mobile phone and the email address of the candidate
  • Enter the OTP (One-Time Password) which sent to the mobile phone/email address of the candidate
  • Enter the following details on a form which appears on the website: Name of the Examination, Year, and Candidate Number
  • Check whether the name of the candidate appearing on the website is correct
  • Enter the type of certificate required, the number of copies and the method of obtaining the document.
  • Make the required payment as displayed on the screen
  • The certificate which will be displayed on the website after the payment is received
  • Confirm the method of obtaining the certificate.