Xuebing Sun: New FAO representative for Sri Lanka and the Maldives


The new representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Sri Lanka Xuebing Sun presented his credentials to Minister Tilak Marapana at the Ministry premises on Monday (June 10).

Xuebing Sun is a Senior Environmental Economist by training with 32 years of working experience in the field of climate change, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, chemical management, agriculture, poverty reduction, rural development, circular economy and green growth in Asia and Africa.

He advocates for stronger roles by the state systems and private sector in sustainable development. He noted that institutional strengthening, integrated strategic planning, improved policy processes and a programmatic approach with exposure to social justice and public participation are important for ensuring long term sustainability of development results.

Sun who is a Chinese national, holds a PhD in Environmental Economics from Wuhan University, China and succeeded Nina Brandstrup as FAO representative for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.