We are in majority globally and cannot be subjugated: Hizbullah


The Muslims are a minority only in this country, but a majority globally and nobody should think that they could subjugate us, former Eastern Province Governor Dr. M.L.A.M.Hizbullah.

He said so at the Kattankudy Periya Jumma Mosque,on Saturday. “Muslims should live with their heads up. I wish to make it clear that only in this country that we are minorities, but in this whole world, we are in a majority. Till we find a solution to our problems, we should be united. At the time of the elections, we must reveal our stance,” he said.

He added that the unity that they had upheld was no simple matter and drew the attention of the resignation of ministers Kabir Hasshim and Rauff Hakeem who were important leaders. He said both of them had been elected by the Sinhala people as well.

“I have given time to the President of two weeks and within that time all allegations against me should be proved. The Bhikkus uttered blatant lies in front of the Dalada Maligawa and deceived the people. We must reveal that side of the story to the people,” he said.