Wijedasa writes to Speaker on jeopardizing national security


Parliamentarian Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has sent a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament Karu Jayasuriya to gain his attention towards acts of jeopardizing national security.

The letter containing 12 pointers has been copied to 11 persons including the President, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, and all media institutions.

Referring to the Official Secrets Act No 32 of 1955, the letter points out that the Easter Sunday attacks cannot be discussed at the parliament or any of its committees under the Sub-Judice rule as there are 5 ongoing cases on the incident at the Supreme Court.

Rajapakshe further points out that there is also an ongoing investigation carried out by a committee appointed by the President.

An unsafe and a grave situation would arise as a result of information of state intelligence being publicized through a parliamentary committee appointed foregoing the Official Secrets Act, states Rajapakshe.

The complete responsibility of this should be borne, firstly, by the Speaker of the Parliament and secondly, by the government, he said.

The letter further says, the President, as the Commander in Chief and the Defense Minister, by allowing state intelligence to be shared at the parliament or at any other place, has purposefully violated the provisions 33 (1) a and 38 (2) (i) of the Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka.