Musafeer, injured in sword attack by Zaharan tells it all


Mohamed Musafeer of Kattankudy, who was injured in a sword attack by four people including National Thowheed Jama’at leader Zaharan Hashim revealed that two of those involved in the attack were seen moving about freely in the Kattankudy town recently.

Musafeer was severely injured on March 10, 2017 at the Aliya junction in Kattankudy, when the NTJ launched their Jihad struggle.

Recently a Monk had provided a video to the media depicting the leader of Zaharan and his fellow extremists disrupting a meeting of Muslims at Aliya junction in Kattankudy, carrying swords and poles and beating all those who were at this meeting. In this attack Musafeer who was severely injured had gone into hiding. He is said to have now come forward to reveal details of this attack.

Musafeer said Zaharan took great pains to spread the concept of Muslim extremism in the East in 2017. There was a strong opposition by the Sunnis while the Sufis staged a protest at the Aliya Junction.

“I participated in this protest campaign with my brother-in-law. Suddenly Zaharan and a group of extremists wearing orange shirts and carrying swords, kris knives and poles attacked the protesters. In the attack Zaharan’s brother Rilvan who blew himself up at a house in Sainthaamarathu and Niyaz and Ajuwath attacked me with swords,” Musafeer said.