Several countries relax travel restriction on SL


Several countries have relaxed their travel restrictions issued on Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday bomb attacks.

Considering the prevailing security conditions China first amended their travel advisories on Sri Lanka. Accordingly, several countries including India, Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden slackened their restrictions on traveling to the island.

While relaxing their travel advisories, India cautioned its citizens to exercise vigilance when traveling to Sri Lanka.

Ambassador of Switzerland to Sri Lanka, Hanspeter Mock on Tuesday said that Switzerland no longer is advising to avoid unnecessary travel to Sri Lanka. However, he said that travelers should maintain a high level of personal security during their stay here.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates has urged Emiratis to postpone their current travel plans to Sri Lanka due to the security situation.

Many countries advised their citizens against non-essential travel to Sri Lanka after the terror attacks on three luxury hotels and three churches on April 21 that killed nearly 260 people, including over 40 foreigners.

The President and the Prime Minister, at several points, appealed to the international community to lift the travel warnings, assuring that the security situation has improved in the country after the crackdown on Islamist groups and their networks.