Officials of India’s National Investigation Agency arrives in Sri Lanka for 4/21 attack investigations


Two Members of India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrived in the island to look into the Indian affiliations of the terrorists responsible for the April 21st attacks.

The team led by Indian Inspector General Alok Mittal, arrived in the island to exchange information on suspects and people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala who were likely to maintain connections with Zaharan Hashmi and National Thowheed Jamaath.

Indian media reported that the objective of the National Investigation Agency is to a similar attack on India soil.

It was also added that the Indian investigators will also seek details on Zaharan Hashim’s several visits to India in 2018. According to the Indian National Investigation Agency,”Zaharan Hashim had visited India on several occasions to motivate Indians to take part in establishing Islamic rule in the region,”

Hindustan Times first reported on April 28th about Hashim’s visit to India and the fact that Sri Lanka was warned about the attacks in advance following an NIA probe into an ISIS module in Coimbatore in 2018. NIA states that at least six Indian ISIS suspects had travelled to Sri Lanka and they are carrying out investigations into the matter.