Govt. to revise laws giving effect to Sharia – Vajira


Some parliamentary Acts introduced in the past between 2010 and 2015 had given effect to aspects of Sharia law or Islamic law, and the government would revise them, a Minister said. Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardane said even the NGOs had been registered under the laws introduced in a hurried manner at that time. He said the government would revisit these laws soon.

The Minister made these remarks while addressing the public servants. Also, the Minister instructed the government officials to take steps to remove all public signboards and name boards written in Arabic letters. “We have received complaints about such signboards in Arabic at different places in the eastern province. We will issue a circular soon to remove such signboards. There are three languages recognized by the Constitution of Sri Lanka – Sinhala, Tamil and English. Signboards in other languages should be removed forthwith. Sharia law cannot be implemented here. We won’t condone beheading or stoning to death here,” he said.