Dhammika Perera no-committal on common candidate speculation


Business magnate Dhammika Perera was non-committal and did not reject speculation that he would come forward as a common candidate at the next Presidential election.

When questioned after an event in Colombo about speculation in social media, Perera said: “We have to develop the country. For the question you asked let’s see what happens in the future.

When asked whether these stories were wrong, he said: “I think I should not comment on them at the moment.”

When asked whether the people would be able to keep hopes of something outside traditional politics, he said:

“The public are more knowledgeable than anyone now. Therefore I don’t think anyone would be able to play games with the pubic in the future. Therefore, no one would be able to come forward in the future without having solutions to develop the country. Now with the social media, the public is more knowledgeable. Therefore I think the future will be good.”