‘Ishq’ director shares comments from haters


Not everyone in our society can still accept the fact that nights aren’t just for the men.

The recently released film ‘Ishq,’ directed by Anuraj manohar, had dealt with the moral policing attitude of our society through the movie and this thought was an important part of the film. While the film is garnering critical acclaim, the ones who still believe that women shouldn’t venture out at nights find it difficult to digest the movie’s theme. Recently the film’s director shared one of the comments from such a viewer, who abused him for the thought behind the movie. However, if the comments on the aforementioned post by the director are any indication, most people have now learnt to understand why moral policing is evil and women do not have to stay away from night life. Many said, referring to the abusive comment that the film has ‘hit where it hurts.’

‘Ishq’ has shane Nigam, Shine Tom Chakco and Ann sheetai in the leading roles.