Distributing voter registration forms for 2019 commences today


Voter registration forms (BC form) for 2019 will be handed out to the public starting from today (15) and will be recollected from the 1st of June, says the Elections Secretariat.

Accordingly, the enumerators will recollect the registration form starting from the 1st of June.

The Director General of Elections Saman Sri Rathnayake said another document will be handed out to the public in addition to the voter registration forms, to fill in the information on the 16 to 18-year old youths in each family.

This new document will also gather information on differently-abled persons in families.

The Director General said this step was taken considering the existing database of persons which lacks details on differently-abled citizens.

This will allow providing special facilities to the differently-abled persons at polling stations during elections.