A stern warning from the Army Commander


Army Commander Lt. General Mahesh Senanayake issued a stern warning to those who instigate violence around the country.

He noted that curfew was imposed in several areas of the North Western province yesterday due to the situations that occurred in Chilaw, Hettipola, and surrounding areas. The Commander noted that there have been reports of  incidents where groups of intoxicated youth had attacked and damaged property belonging to “innocent Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Lt. General Senanayake made a request and a warning to those who instigate such acts.

“[if there is] anyone who is trying to destroy or dishonor the orders given by the Government or the armed forces, we will take stern action.”

The Army commander warned that the Sri Lanka army will not hesitate to use the minimum or maximum powers given to them under emergency regulations to apprehend, arrest or even open fire against individuals who perpetrate violence.

While urging the youth and general populace not to engage in such illegal activities, the Army commander assured that they will not hesitate to use power to curb the situation. He also reassured the nation that the Sri Lankan armed forces were strong enough to ensure that such actions do not escalate in any part of the country.