Ministers or MPs who support terror groups will not be protected: PM


Government will not protect any minister or any parliamentarian who associates with terror groups, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said over the weekend.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe came out with this sentiment at a ceremony held in Elpitiya to distribute lands to the landless on Saturday.

“Government is not willing to protect any minister or an member of parliament if they are associated with terrorist groups. If there are allegations against any Minister or against an MP it should be referred to the police.

It will be possible to appoint a parliamentary select committee to look into the Easter Sunday attacks. It is an effective way to uncover the truth. Anyone could come before a select committee and divulge everything they know without fear. The report of the commission appointed by the President could also be referred to the select committee,” the Prime Minister said.

Also, Mr. Wickremesinghe said probing the Easter Sunday bomb blasts through a parliamentary select committee is the best option to uncover all details on the terror groups. He said further steps could be taken on crushing terror groups depending on the recommendations of the select committee.

“There was destruction in the political sector as well as a result of the Easter Sunday carnage. People lost their trust on the government and on politicians generally. Both the ruling party and the opposition are facing this situation. However, it was possible to avert further problems because of religious leaders,” he said.

“A large number of Christians died in bomb explosions. However, it was possible to control the situation because of the statements made by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. We also had a dialogue with Buddhist monks and Moulavies. Therefore, we were able to prevent more trouble,” he added.

He said the first group of terrorists was arrested in Dematagoda. There is no other country in the world where IS terrorists were arrested so soon after an attack. Three brave policemen lost their lives n the Dematagoda operation.

“We have managed to arrest the main people who are responsible for the attack. Some have committed suicide. It has been possible to arrest several terrorists on the tip off given by two Muslim leaders. It was possible to restore people’s trust on the government to some extent thorough this action,” he also said.

The Prime Minister added that it is essential to combat the terrorists mentally. He said IS terrorists are work under certain mental conditions as they are brainwashed. Mr. Wickremesinghe stressed that religious leaders could play a role in changing their mind set.